Getting Started

We are providing complete lesson plans for use in your classrooms. Each lesson is intended to be used in a single 50-60 minute class period, but can be altered to suit individual needs.

If you are new to CS Unplugged, we strongly suggest you start with these activities:

  • Representing Information: Binary Numbers, Image Representation, Cryptography
  • Algorithms & Problem Solving: Minimal Spanning Trees

If you would like to do more CS Unplugged, we suggest you try these activities next:

  • Representing Information: Error Detection, 20 Questions
  • Algorithms & Problem Solving: NIM, Codebreaker (Mastermind)
  • Interacting with Computers: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision

Three other CS Unplugged activities are also available, for those who want to do even more:

  • Algorithms & Problem Solving: Binary Search, Sorting
  • Interacting with Computers: Finite State Automata
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Lesson plans

Representing Information

Binary Error Image Rep Cryptography 20 Questions

Algorithms & Problem Solving

MST NIM Codebreaker Binary Search Sorting

Interacting with Computers

AI Computer Vision FSA